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Slice Search FAQ

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What is a "slice"?

A slice is a section of your site that users can search separately, using a slice search box.

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What does a slice search box look like?

Below is an example of a slice search box for the site NHL.com.

Search for
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Why would I want to use slices?

Slices are a great way to help your users find exactly what they're looking for. Users can limit their searches to certain sections of your site, like "blog posts" or "products".

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How does my web site have to be organized to work with slices?

You can use slices with any site, but they work best when your site is organized into different directories based on content.

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How is a slice defined?

A slice consists of three things:

The account the slice will search (for users with multiple accounts).
The name of the slice, displayed in a drop-down menu in your search box.
URL masks
Patterns that determine which URLs will be included in the slice.

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What is a URL mask?

A URL mask is a pattern that is matched against each URL in your site to determine whether that URL should be included in a particular slice. You can set each mask to match URLs in different ways:

Match any part of a URL.
Match only at the beginning of a URL (including the http://).
Match only at the end of a URL (including extensions like .html or query parameters like in "product.php?id=42").
Match an entire URL.
Match a URL using a regular expression.

URL masks are divided into three groups: any, all, and none. URLs must match each group that has masks defined: for example, if there are any masks in the any group, then a URL must match at least one of them to be included in your slice.

For example, say you want to include everything from your products and sales directories in one slice: simply add two masks to the any group, "/products/" and "/sales/", and set both to match "anywhere".

If you want to further limit that slice to (say) include only PDFs, add an additional mask ".pdf" to the all group, and set it to match at "end". Or if you'd rather exclude PDFs, simply put that mask in the none group instead.

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How do I configure my slice search box?

First, make sure you're logged into siteLevel's Account Management area. Click on the Search Box tab, then choose Slice Search Box Configuration.

If this is the first time you're configuring your slice search box, you will see a single slice called "Entire Site". To add a new slice, click on Add New Slice on the right, then select the new slice in the box on the left. You can set your new slice's title in the Title box below.

If you have more than one account, make sure to select the appropriate account for each slice from the Account drop-down. You can also build a slice search box that spans multiple accounts this way.

To add masks to a group, click on one of the the plus (+) buttons on the right. A new, empty mask will appear below. Enter the pattern that you want the mask to match, and optionally choose a mask type in the drop-down to the right.

Once you're done making changes, click Update to save your new slice search box settings. If you have more than one account, you'll be presented with the option to update other accounts with the same settings. Now you're done!

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Do I have to change my search box code on my site?

If you have the JavaScript or hyperlink version of the search box code entered on your web site, then the answer is no. Your search box will be updated immediately.

If you're using the HTML version of the search box, go to Search Box>Use Search Box HTML Source to obtain your new search box code. You must update your search box HTML code every time you add or remove any slices or change their titles.

Finally, make sure you've chosen a slice-compatible search box for your site in the Search Box>Choose Your Search Box area. Slice-compatible search boxes include a drop-down menu with which users can select a slice to search.

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