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Slice Settings: Account, Title, URL Masks, and Anti-URL Masks
The purpose of the Slice Search Box is to give you the ability to: 1) search across one or more accounts from a single search box; 2) create categorical searches utilizing URL Masks.  Below is a sample Slice Search box:
Account of Selected Slice:
From this drop down menu, you can select which account you wish to search.  Here you will find all of your accounts registered under your email address as well as "The Web".  Select the account that you wish this slice to search.
Title of Selected Slice:
This title will be shown in the search box drop-down menu to describe this slice.
URL Mask(s) for Selected Slice:
When your visit performs a search on a slice, this URL Mask list will be held up against every single search result.  If the search result's URL matches one or more of these URL Masks, it will be shown.  For example, if you have
http://www.yourdomain.com/msgs/ as a URL Mask, only results that match the search query AND contain this URL Mask will be displayed as a valid result.  Note: URL Masks are case-sensitive.
Anti-URL Mask(s) for Selected Slice:
This is the exact opposite of a URL Mask.  If a result matches any of these Anti-URL Masks, it will not be displayed.  Note: Anti-URL Masks are case-sensitive.
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