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Relevancy Ranking Configuration
There are five elements that are considered in the ranking of documents for a given keyword search.  They are META tags description, keywords, the title tag, body contents, and link descriptions.  Here is a table explaining each one of those elements -- every HTML document that you have on your web server should contain them!
If you do not have access to edit these elements (particularly the META tags) because you do not know anything about HTML, nor have access to modify the HTML source, you can ignore this setting or consult with your webmaster or server administrator about modifying your source code.
Note: In the examples below, the highlighted content is the data indexed for that particular document element.
Document Element
Located Where?
META Description
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="This document explains what a person should be doing to promote positive thinking.">
Anywhere between <HEAD> and </HEAD>
META Keywords
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="positive,thinking,helpful,thoughts">
Anywhere between <HEAD> and </HEAD>
<TITLE>The Good Me: Positive Thinking</TITLE>
Anywhere between <HEAD> and </HEAD>
<BODY>Here is the true content of the web page.</BODY>
Anywhere between <HTML> and </HTML>
Link Description
<A HREF="http://yourdomain.com/positive.htm">Positive thinking - the link description</A>
Anywhere between the <A> and </A>
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