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Extra Indexing Options
Case Sensitive:
Depending on what platform your web server is running from determines whether or not your web site is case sensitive.  A simple test is to take a complete URL with a specific filename at the end, and pull it up with your browser.  For example:
http://www.yourname.com/doctest.html.  Once this document is successfully retrieved, change the name of the document by typing it in uppercase.  For example: http://www.yourname.com/DOCTEST.HTML.  If the same document is retrieved as the first time, then your server is not case sensitive (leave the box "Case Sensitive" unchecked).  However, if an error message pops up, or a DIFFERENT document is retrieved, then your server is case sensitive (check the box "Case Sensitive").  In our example, it proves that the server is case sensitive.
If you know the platform that your server is running from, then here is the general rule of thumb: Unix based servers are
case sensitive, Mac and Windows based servers are not case sensitive.
Numbers (Digits):
By checking this box, you are deciding that numbers should be indexed.  For instance, if you have a numeric figure like
123456 as a free-standing word within a document, then that number will be searchable.  This is useful for websites that use part or inventory numbers.
Word Endings:
With this option, you can instruct our system to include default English word endings to your web index.  For example, if you had the word
climb on one of your documents, by checking the "Word Endings" box above, if someone were to type in the words climbs, climbed, or climbing those would also match the document.
Default Document:
The default document refers to the filename that you use for the primary document for a directory.  Some examples are:
index.htm, index.html, deafult.htm, default.asp.  By providing this default document name, it will help reduce the chances of a duplicate document being indexed. For example: http://www.yourname.com/ and http://www.yourname.com/index.html are the same document.  By setting our default document setting accordingly, only ONE of the two documents will be indexed.
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