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Domain Name Customization
Domain name customization is an optional service for existing siteLevel Pro customers and is available for an additional one-time fee.  If you have purchased this service, you may customize the search results page URL by following the steps below:
1. Using the HTML search box code, change the ACTION parameter in the <FORM> tag to your desired custom hostname.  By default, this is "www.sitelevel.com".  However you should change this to a custom hostname such as "search.yourdomain.com".
2. Update your search results templates in the Advanced Template Editor.  You also have to make sure that the search form on your results page is has the new ACTION URL.
3. Add the DNS record for your new hostname.  If you are not familiar with DNS administration, please provide these directions to your system/network administrator.
To continue our example, let's say your new desired hostname for search results is "search.yourdomain.com".  This new hostname has to be a CNAME (alias) record for the following hostname: "query.sitelevel.com"
It is important that you do not try to point "search.yourdomain.com" to any other hostname or IP address.
As an example, in BIND v8, your db.yourdomain.com file would contain a line that looks like this:
search CNAME query.sitelevel.com
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